3 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 10

  1. Madagascar’s Tourism Ministry has plans for a “Dubai-style” high-level tourism development near to the fishing village of Anakao, south of Toliara, according to l’Express de Madagascar. The 450ha site is proposed to be developed with numerous hotels, villas, a golf course, restaurants, night clubs, shopping centres and leisure centres, as well as a new airport and marina. The massive development, located in one of the country’s most arid regions, is planned to be self-sufficient in drinking water and energy. All funding is to come from private investors, with the Malagasy state acting only as facilitator. A team from the ministry has already carried out a preliminary feasibility assessment in the area.

  2. In an effort to reduce the problem of landfill in Madagascar, Toliara became the first city to implement a large-scale waste recycling plant in 2016. The Centre de Stockage et Valorisation de Déchets (CSVD; ‘waste storage and recovery centre’) is located some 7km from the city centre, employs about 60 people and can process up to 80 tonnes of waste per day.

  3. The preferred spelling of Tsimanampetsotse National Park, now used by Madagascar National Parks, is Tsimanampetsotse (with an ‘e’). Previously it was most commonly written as Tsimanampetsotsa (with an ‘a’).

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