Madagascar Updates: Chapter 11

Madagascar, 11th edition

Please use the comments facility below to submit updates to chapter 11 (South of Toamasina) of Madagascar (11th ed).

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  1. Louise Fox said,

    6 April 2013 at 10:09 am

    In Manakara we stayed at the Parthenay Club. A good size modern room – AR80 000. The town is suffering from sever water shortage and electricity outages. As it was raining that evening we were assured that we would have water in the morning, which we did. The room did have aircon, but alas no electricity.

    The next night was in Farafangana at the Austral AR30 000. Good size room. Not enough electricity to run the air conditioner and barely enough to get the ceiling fan to turn.

    The road between Vohipeno is in a shocking condition. Not a lot of tar left and numerous potholes.

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