3 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 11

  1. Opened at the start of 2020 on the Nosy Kely peninsula of Morondava, Coin des Pêcheurs is a new hotel and restaurant in a seafront spot. Contact mob 032 66 184 27; Facebook BRCDP.

  2. In October 2020, a new hotel in the Kimony Lodge & Resorts group opened under the name Eden de la Tsiribihina at Masiakampy some 30km from Miandrivazo. Spacious but rather hot rooms with terrace, en-suite shower, safe & fan. Double rooms priced at 260,000Ar. No Wi-Fi. Contact mob 034 61 205 90, 032 03 210 56, 034 49 205 62, 032 03 210 51; email info@madagascar-omee-voyage.com, info@edendelatsiribihina.com; Facebook edendelatsiribihina; web https://www.edendelatsiribihina.com/ .

  3. A baobab christened Tsitakakoike and considered to be the largest in Madagascar at 27.30m circumference lost several branches and began to collapse in early 2018. Faced with the demise of this giant, which was considered sacred to the people of nearby Andombiry village, locals set out to measure other trees in the area. In May of that year, they came upon an even more gargantuan specimen with a girth of 28.82m. It has been named Tsitakakantsa in homage to Tsitakakoike – which roughly translates as ‘a song sung on one side cannot even be heard on the other’!
    For photos of Tsitakakoike see thisiscolossal.com/2022/02/beth-moon-baobab

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