Madagascar Guide Updates

Madagascar13frontWe are continually delighted by readers who take the time and trouble to send in updated information on Madagascar. The country is forever changing, so there is always more that can be added to the latest edition of the guide. That is why we have set up this page, so that readers travelling, working or living in Madagascar can pass on the most up-to-date news and information to those who will follow in their footsteps.

Please feel free to post here your own updates, additions, corrections, and comments. Whether you are a traveller who has discovered a great new place to visit, or a hotel owner just wanting to let us know your new phone number, Madagascar-bound readers of the guide will be appreciative of the information. Please make it easier for them by sticking to the chapter divisions below.

The present (13th) edition of Madagascar was published in 2020. Copies of the Madagascar guidebook or its companion Madagascar wildlife guide are available, both in print and e-book formats.

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