8 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 13

  1. Located just south of Vanila Hotel in Nosy Be is its sister hotel, Exora Beach. The hotel has a magnificent swimming pool (and separate children’s pool) next to which is the Exora Falls Bar, as well as two massage rooms. Exora has 24 guest rooms, each with a terrace and sunset view over Sakatia Bay. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, phone, sat-TV, AC, safe, minibar & en-suite facilities. Contact: mob 032 05 360 00; email reservation@exorabeachhotel.com; web exorabeachhotel.com.

  2. Since 2014, there has been a great deal of development at Mont Passot (in the centre of Nosy Be) to exploit its potential as an ecotourism site – and more is still planned. At the top, there is now an excellent restaurant called The View – so named for its breath-taking panorama – created by Belgian Eric Wyvekens as ecologically as possible and opened in October 2020. It is a contemporary building that uses solar power and groundwater, serving refined cuisine that is cooked with vegetables and poultry grown/raised on the site. Open daily 10.00–22.00 (bar) / 12.00–14.30 & 19.00–22.00 (restaurant); mob 032 69 355 16, 032 25 501 40; email contact@restotheview.com; Facebook restotheview.

  3. The owners of Madaplouf Dive Centre in Nosy Be, Jennifer and Michele, left Madagascar in late 2020. The business now operates under the same name but with new owners Jacques Vieira (of Madagascar Extreme Diving Adventures) and Nicolas Jeanmart (of Menabe Plongée).
    Madagascar Extreme Diving Adventures and Menabe Plongée continue to exist alongside Madaplouf Dive Centre, but with a primary focus on liveaboard dive experiences.

  4. The South African founder of Kayak Safaris Madagascar, Bert Spalding, sadly passed away at his home on Nosy Komba in 2020. Bert had been a pioneer of kayak and sailboat cruises in the region during his 16 years there. Kayak Safaris Madagascar will continue under new owner Vincent; the email and website remain as listed in the 13th edition of the guidebook, but the phone number is now 032 11 288 00.

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