5 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 16

  1. Paul Whitehead says:

    In Mahajanga you’ll see one of the strangest sights in Madagascar. If you go up the hill from the Baobob tree, past the Roches Rouges Hotel and the French war memorial, the as-usual poorly maintained road suddenly changes to become a state of the art promenade with a four lane road and 2 dedicated cycle paths (!), a sandy beach and a pier. It looks like it has been magically transported from Margate! It’s called ‘Le Village’ and it’s thronged with bathers, children playing in the sand and young people taking a stroll.

    Then you notice some odd things. After 2 kilometres the road becomes a dirt track, going nowhere. On the other side of the road from the sea, instead of stalls, shops and restaurants there is virtually nothing, apart from a few old houses at a much lower level than the road. So what’s the story behind this expensive white elephant (albeit a white elephant that gives a lot of pleasure to the inhabitants of Mahajanga)? Quite simply, it was a project of former president Marc Ravalomanana. The road was to join the airport, which would transport holidaymakers directly to ‘Le Village ‘, a hotel complex that was never built, in a bid to increase tourism in Madagascar. After he was deposed in a coup d’ėtat the project went nowhere of course.

  2. Paul Whitehead says:

    The most popular place for nightlife is the Taxi B, on the other side of the road from the Hotel Coco Lodge. There is live music nightly, and just next door is the Taxi B nightclub. Nice atmosphere in both places.

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