Madagascar Updates: Chapter 16

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5 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 16

  1. Palmarium Reserve, where there are many free-ranging transplanted lemurs, currently has three groups of indri (9 individuals), many black-and-white ruffed lemurs, crowned lemurs, red-fronted lemurs, common brown lemurs, and one single black lemur. There are now also several hybrids between the various Eulemur species, including between the crowned and black lemurs. On a separate island some 20 minutes away by boat, they have nine aye-ayes. They are fed coconuts each night, and visitors can watch them devour those from a viewing area.

  2. The rough dirt road from the RN2 just north of Brickaville to Manambato (access point for the Pangalanes Canal) is 7.2km long as currently takes around 40 minutes in dry weather and a decent 4×4.

  3. Cyclone Batsirai, which hit Madagascar with great force last week, has caused devastation in Mananjary, Manakara and Nosy Varika especially. The vast majority of homes in the area have been significantly damaged or destroyed, as have most hotels and other buildings including the hospital. Significant damage is reported as far inland as Ranomafana. The death toll is still uncertain but is already known to be in triple figures.
    Accurate information form the region continues to be scarce, some specific information about local businesses and organisations is beginning to emerge:
    Le Jardin de la Mer, Mananjary — totally destroyed.
    Vahiny Lodge, Mananjary — very seriously damaged; roofs blown off.
    Trou du Commissaire, Manakara — roof of the restaurant torn off; several walls and windows destroyed; all toilets, shelters and wooden structures blown away.
    Hôtel Masoandro, Manakara — destroyed.
    Conservation Fusion KAFS Center, Kianjavato — significant structural damage; 94 of their 102 staff have lost their homes.

  4. A report in March 2020 indicated that the rehabilitation of the Pangalanes Canal was 70% complete on the first stretch from Toamasina but would need to await a revised budget as to funding of the stretch from Mananjary to Manakara.

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