Madagascar Updates: Chapter 7

Madagascar, 12th edition

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7 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 7

  1. At the end of 2017, Hotel Combava celebrated its 9th anniversary with the opening of four new rooms. Combava is located 11km from Tana city centre on the road towards the airport, not far from the Digue handicrafts market, and is perhaps best known for its restaurant. This brings the total number of rooms to 21, for which prices start at 235,000Ar per room per night.

  2. At the beginning of this month, Madagascar’s first proper cinema opened in Antananarivo with a three-day festival of Disney movies. With 800 comfortable seats, Le Plaza is an impressive-looking venue, equipped with modern audiovisual technology and the facility for 3D screenings. Prices range from 10,000 to 30,000Ar per person, depending on the seat and film.
    According to online reviews, there have been a few teething problems. Some cinemagoers complained that the queue for popcorn was so long that they missed half the movie, while others criticised the overpriced refreshments, but overall the experience has gone down well.
    The cinema is located in the Ampefiloha district of Tana, on Rue Martin Luther King, some 500m west of Lac Anosy. Contact: 034 02 407 77 or Facebook plazacinemaa.
    For photos, see our Facebook page at

  3. Smack bang in the centre of Antananarivo, at the top of Avenue de l’Indépendance (on the corner opposite Le Glacier), is a fancy new hotel called Pietra. It offers 10 luxury suites and 5 de luxe rooms, as well as an on-site gym, hammam, sauna, spa, 4th-floor lounge bar, and top-floor restaurant with great views over Analakely. Contact: 22 246 85;;; 37 Avenue de l’Indépendance.
    Next to the hotel, and part of the same grand building, is a huge new branch of Gastro Pizza with seating for almost 200 people. It’s great if you need food in a hurry and is one of the few places open to eat on a Sunday.

  4. Ethiopian Airlines (, which now flies to Madagascar, has an office in Antananarivo city centre. It is just off the Avenue de l’Independance, on Lalana Rabefiraisana, a few metres west of the famous Glacier hotel & restaurant.

  5. Paul Whitehead says:

    About 35 km from the centre of Tana, off the RN 2, there is a very pleasant Protected Forest called Angavokely. There is an easy climb of about 1 hour and a quarter to the summit of the mountain through the forest, with wonderful views and absolute tranquillity. When you arrive at the satellite dish look for some stone steps, which take you to the summit. There is no admission charge and we had the park to ourselves. According to a friendly worker at the satellite centre they receive only about two visitors per month, so there is a good chance you would have the place to yourselves as well. From Tana, go along the RN 2 until you reach the railway station Carion. Take the first right on to a dirt track (there is a faded sign for the Forest) which is about 4 km long and leads you directly to it. The track is in poor condition and would be very difficult to use in the rainy season.

  6. Linda Gray says:

    What are the best Indian restaurants in Tana now?
    I can recommend the Korean (Corean) restaurant in Isoraka, near Bio-aroma natural oils shop.

    • Little India in Antaninarenina is very central and seems highly regarded. A little lacking in the décor department when I last ate there but the food was fabulous.

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