Madagascar Updates: Chapter 8

Madagascar, 12th edition

Please use the comments facility below to submit updates to chapter 8 (Highlands South of Tana) of Madagascar (12th ed).

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3 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 8

  1. Charlie Nord says:

    In Ranomafana, I dined at the Ihary. Unfriendly and grumpy service. They just cut the Wi-Fi connection I was using when they felt it was time for me to leave. Definitely not recommended!

  2. We visited Anja Parc south of Ambalavao on RN7 leading a Swiss group in September 2017. It was a fantastic overall experience, and we have the highest respect of this community project.

    Sadly it seems that there is some price scam going on, especially from the guide Marcel that is picking up tourists in Ambalavao or the residence “Varangue Betsileo” and leading them over a back way into the park. He charges an overall “guiding fee” before heading of for the walk, confirming that he will take care of all the entrance / community fee paying on the way – but then he leaves without passing at the park office. Comparing his rate to the official park rates it turned out that it was some “fantasy price”.

    Please be avare of this, pay your entrance fee only at the official park office and check carefully, that the rates are according to the official price list. Ask for tickets or a receipt to avoid the spreading of corruption or misuse of the money that should reach the community for their social projects.

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