Madagascar Updates: General

Madagascar13frontPlease use the comments facility below to submit updates to Madagascar (13th ed) that are relevant to more than one chapter/region. To comment on specific places/issues, please add your comment to the relevant chapter update page listed at Madagascar Updates.

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3 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: General

  1. For the 2022 season, Mahay Expeditions is organising several long-distance running trails. UltraMad Madagascar is the equivalent of four marathons over 10 days in late June. The 7th edition of le Trail de l’Ile Rouge will take place over two weeks in May in western Madagascar, passing rivers, national parks, coastline and baobabs. Le SoliMada Trail is a new offering, over 12 days in south Madagascar in August. And Le Mada Nosy Trail will comprise five stages in the Radama archipelago, travelling between the islands by sailing dhow. The agency TSDMADA are taking care of logistics for the second year.

  2. The four ecolodges run by Fanamby and formerly gathered under the brand ‘Friendly Camps’ are now rebranded as Akiba Lodge and managed by Sahanala Madagascar (web Facebook akibalodgemadagascar.
    Saha Forest Camp is now Akiba Lodge Anjozorobe; Black Lemur Camp has become Akiba Lodge Anjahakely; Camp Amoureux is now Akiba Lodge Marofandilia; and Camp Tattersalli is henceforth known as Akiba Lodge Daraina.
    As of October 2021, there is also Akiba Lodge Restaurant in the Isoraka district of Tana (mob 033 37 895 64, 033 51 006 30).

    • Karin Rudvin says:

      Akiba Lodges 2023: information in early January is that all the Akiba Lodges will be closed for renovations in 2023. However, one can contact them again at the end of March/beginning of April to see how things stand.

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