6 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 15

  1. Alberta Horteck says:

    In Ile Sainte Marie, I recently stayed at Sambatra and Ravoraha and both are still excellent.
    Chez Regine (next to Ravoraha) is also very nice.
    And the Italian food place in Ambodifotatra, La Cambusa, is excellent.

  2. The El Condor catamaran ferry between Mahambo and Ile Sainte Marie, operated by Blue Marine, resumed last week after a hiatus of more than one year due to the pandemic crisis. The minibus shuttle service connecting Toamasina to the departure point at Mahambo also resumed from the same date. Website: bluemarine-madagascar.com

  3. Fiona says:

    Despite Covid and seasonal challenges, Chez Tity on Ile aux Nattes still has 2 or 3 habitable chambres and there were signs of repairs afoot while we were there. Finding backpacker-priced food in this beautiful spot did prove a challenge but there was a nearby lady who gave us our noodle/spaghetti supper for 3000Ar each…and the incredible zebu pizza at Lucky Dube was a worthwhile birthday treat, especially since they somehow produced a cake for my 15 year old! A super place.

  4. Fiona says:

    My elder daughter and I enjoyed possibly the best pastries ever in the Bonne Heure patisserie just North of the harbour. Perfect with the wonderful street coffee from a lady nearby. The street coffee was terrific every morning, wherever we were during our 5 weeks – the pastries one of a kind!

  5. Fiona says:

    There is now a raised walkway across to the Pirates’ Graveyard. Our delightful guide was informative on the mangroves and many other plants that we passed en route to the graveyard itself.

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