2 thoughts on “Madagascar Updates: Chapter 15

  1. Espace Medicale’s clinic in Nosy Be has relocated. It is still on the road from Hell-Ville to Ambataloaka, but is now on the outskirts of Hell-Ville rather than midway between the two towns.

  2. Annette says:

    We hugely appreciate your book! We have been traveling and working throughout the North of Mada for 2 months… a purely great experience.

    A few updates on the book content:
    The Baobab restaurant in Nosy Be Ambatoloaka is now a fully fledged restaurant serving a high-class great menu of French-Malagasy cuisine (not just snacks)
    Clair de Lune is a new hotel with good value for money a few min walking distance from the buzzing town and beach front – great little terraced, spacious, beautiful bungalows. A great breakfast and restaurant, free pool!!! What more to wish for?

    On the negatives, we have been quite shocked on Nosy Komba. We stayed at Chez Juliette who has a great location and nice food, however, our next door neighbor (an over 60 Englishman) played on tha beach and later in his bungalow with two clearly underaged Malagasy girls. When speaking politely with Juliette about the matter, she was clearly aware of this going on. She made excuses about how that man was the girls’ father (unlikely given skin color and nevertheless it would be inappropriate western parenting behavior sleeping in the same bed with 2 approx 13/14 year olds).
    Anyhow, we have the impression that Juliette is known to be supporting/arranging encounters with minors which is illegal. We thus feel strongly that this place should no longer feature in your respectable guide book.
    Similarly, Chez Yolanda seems to have the same issue though we did not see it ourselves. In fact, Yolanda and Juliette are among the village eldest and thus quite controlling about what is going on in and around that beach of Nosy Komba.

    We hope this is helpful information for you and other travelers.

    Annette & Vitto

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